Yes Democracy!

How we choose and vote today impacts not just us but also the generations to come. Don’t let 2019 be just another year. Make it a year for change, change for good. Vote for a government that makes free and quality Education and Healthcare for all a priority. Let the real test of true democracy be quality Essential services like Education and Healthcare for all – Not for urban, rich or a privileged few but for all.

Speak out to make the world’s largest democracy provide for its citizens – free and quality Education and Healthcare for all. Let’s vote for a New India. Take the pledge now

Time is Running – Download your pledge card now!

In India general elections for the 17th Lok Sabha are due to be held between April and May 2019. Elections for the state assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Odisha will also be held simultaneously with the general elections.

Your support today will help Oxfam India work with the government and elected representatives to bring political commitment for free and quality Education and Healthcare for all.

The future is in your hands. Pledge today!

Together, we will make it happen!
Our goals-
  • Get as many political parties and candidates – both national and state - to sign the pledge cards and make Education and Healthcare primary focus areas of their governance.
  • Post-election, follow up with the elected candidates to support the asks shared in pledge in first 100 days after the election.
  • Report back the progress of the Asks to the supporters and work with the government and policy makers on way forward.

This can all be achieved with your support.

Say Yes to the real test of democracy and share with your family and friends on why free and quality Education and Healthcare for all is so important.

Pledge to make Education and Health the focus for 2019 elections and beyond.

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