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This elections, we don’t just vote but also raise our voice in demand of better quality of life, free education and healthcare.

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About the campaign

Test of real democracy is ‘Free and quality education and healthcare’ for all citizens irrespective of their birth, class, caste, gender or economic background.

“Yes democracy” is a joint initiative initiative of Oxfam India and other civil society organizations like RTE Forum, and others. This campaign is to demand free and better quality education and healthcare from the government. Quality education and healthcare are the two strongest pillar of a nations development and should not be limited to a privileged few who can afford private services. We demand the government to provide free and better quality education and healthcare for all Indian citizens. And together we can make it happen!

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India accounts for 17% of global maternal deaths, 21% of deaths among children below five years and 29% of newborn deaths. More than a third of India’s children are stunted. The number of children who suffer wasting, an indication of acute starvation, has risen in recent years to about 21%. Moreover India is among the countries with the lowest health expenditure in the world, despite facing severe health challenges.

Lack of education is a fundamental problem in India, and the state of the Indian government schools is a clear illustration of this. Education is a constitutional right in India, but its provision falls below an adequate standard. The money, time and focus it will take to get public schools and our primary education working and to create globally competitive institutions is no small matter. And it’s time we start raising our voices to demand the same.

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Together, we will make it happen!
Campaign goals-
  • Get as many political parties and candidates – both national and state - to sign the pledge cards and make Education and Healthcare primary focus areas of their governance.
  • Post-election, follow up with the elected candidates to support the asks shared in pledge in first 100 days after the election.
  • Report back the progress of the Asks to the supporters and work with the government and policy makers on way forward.

This can all be achieved with your support.

Say Yes to the real test of democracy and share with your family and friends on why free and quality Education and Healthcare for all is so important.

Pledge to make Education and Health the focus for 2019 elections and beyond.

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